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A guide to bottle feeding your premature baby

Your choices for bottle feeding can be divided into those that can be used alongside breast feeding, anti-colic ones and regular bottles. 1. Bottles good for combining with breast feeding When Edward came home he was still establishing breast feeding but doing well with it. As he struggled to put on weight the neonatal team… Continue reading A guide to bottle feeding your premature baby

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IKEA Antilop highchair and Pyttig cushion

Edward started weaning at his actual age of 6 months rather than the 4 months he technically was once his prematurity had been taken into account. With his poor weight gain as well, he was about the size of a 3 month old when we first started him on solid food. Highchairs were out to… Continue reading IKEA Antilop highchair and Pyttig cushion

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Fisher Price Butterfly Shape Sorter

When Edward was nearly six months old he was definitely ready for some more challenging toys. However, he was size of an average three month old, so it was really tricky to find developmental toys that were the right size for his tiny hands. The Fisher Price Butterfly Shape Sorter was a great buy. You… Continue reading Fisher Price Butterfly Shape Sorter